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The different models of summer motorcycle helmets

The jet or half-jet helmet

Despite the fact that it provides less coverage than a full-face helmet, the jet helmet is a preferred choice for bikers in the summer. Lightweight and much more ventilated, it prevents the sensation of heat inside the helmet shell. Some models have a long screen that allows you to ride on the highway without being hindered by speed. However, the jet helmet does not provide chin protection in the event of a frontal impact.

The modular helmet

The modular helmet offers the advantages of the jet helmet in terms of ventilation and those of the integral helmet in terms of protection. Although it is an ideal compromise for everyday use, it is nevertheless heavier than the other models. A point not to be neglected when making your choice! Be careful, choose a modular model with a double P/J approval. This one assures you a protection in the 2 configurations.

Purchasing criteria

The materials

Depending on the materials used, the characteristics of the helmet will change. For motorcycle helmets there are two main families: plastic and fibre shells. Both must meet the ECE 22.05 standard to be approved, so they will protect you in the event of an impact. The points of difference will be observed mainly on the weight of the helmet and its price.

Indeed, fiber helmets are considered lighter and give you more comfort, especially if you ride long distances. Very often, these models are more expensive than those made of polycarbonate, which have the advantage of being very accessible.


During the summer period, the ventilation system will allow you to avoid overheating inside the helmet. A high-performance system coupled with a moisture-repellent interior should ensure that you ride dry and cool. Keep in mind, however, that an extremely ventilated helmet is bound to be noisier when riding.

The equipment

In summer, the light is stronger during the day, a helmet with a sunscreen can be very practical to keep a good visibility. Smoked visors are also available on the market. However, don’t forget that they are strictly forbidden at night, so you will need to change them regularly.

The size

To choose the right size for your helmet, consult our motorcycle helmet sizing guide. It will give you the important points to measure your head and decide on the size you need.

The price

The price varies considerably depending on the type of helmet, the type of shell and the different equipment it contains. For a jet helmet with a polycarbonate shell, count between £80 and £200. If you choose fibre, prices can go up to more than £500 on top-of-the-range models.

For modular helmets, prices start at £100 for plastic shells and at least £250 for fibre models.

Other equipment for riding a motorcycle in summer

In addition to your helmet, it is important to have a complete set of equipment, whatever the season. A pair of summer motorcycle gloves is therefore essential. You must wear approved gloves when you ride. To improve your level of protection, also think about a summer motorcycle jacket. They are available in leather or fabric. They are abrasion-resistant and equipped with protections, they ensure your safety in case of a fall or slip.